Instapure Faucet Water Filter w/ 4 Replacements

Here is some good feedback. Costs more, with less stuff

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Soooo basically this filter does little more than make the water taste better and remove large particles…

All I want from a water filter is for it to make the water taste better. I know that my tap water is very clean, very clear and very safe. Unfortunately, it tastes awful!

Maybe this filter will keep us from spending good money on bottled water…not to mention the exercise my wife and I get from carrying cases of water home. So I’m going to buy one. Actually, I’m going to buy three because a 4 pack of replacement filters costs more than this filter with a 4 pack of replacement filters. I could always give the other 2 away as gifts and let them buy their own filters.

From their website:

92% of Chlorine
Bad Taste & Odor
The F2 does not remove beneficial flouride

So ya… not much.

We only drink water from the built in fridge with a good filter in it. The well water we get is now tainted with high levels of testable chlorine so this will help with cooking water for sure. My Grandma’s lasagna recipe tastes terrible with the large noodles partially cooked in chlorinated water. Im going for 2, this is a good deal.

I also have a filter on our fridge and it works fine to make the water taste better. Unfortunately, if we use it every day for drinking and cooking water, the filter will need replacement about every 10 to 11 months. The price of a replacement filter for our fridge is $60.

Finally, as you said above, it is a good deal. You may, however, want to go for three, which is what I’m going to do. You see, a 4 pack of replacement cartridges alone will cost $21. Buying an extra filter now will cost you only $17 and that includes a filter with a 4 pack of filter cartridges.

Most water treatment facilities do not remove pharmaceuticals and other harmful chemicals before sending to our homes. There has to be a secondary treatment which some do use. This faucet filter also does not remove these harmful chemicals. A home reverse osmosis system is effective. I have thought about buying one on Amazon but unsure how difficult the install under the kitchen sink would be. For now it’s bottled purified water.

My daughter has well water and it frequently has that nasty rotten egg smell so I wonder if this filter would help at all.

Most bottle water unless specified from a natural spring is just municipal water that is run though additional filtration. It is typically not RO water, so you are not getting some sort of super clean water. If you want water with nothing in it, buy Deionized water, but that is also not health to drink since it actually will leach chemicals out of your body (got to love diffusion!)

Deionized water contains some organic impurities, viruses and bacteria. Distilled water is probably the purest but is definitely harsh (like deionized) on our insides.

I use this water for my garden all the time.

Without being too much of a jerk, you are completely mistaken. Deionized water is basically void of all impurities, including organic constituents that might remain AFTER distillation. (I am a chemist, running an environmental laboratory which tests WATER.) We use Deionized water for trace level analysis of all inorganic and organic constituents at parts per TRILLION level in some tests. Any contamination in our water will cause us significant issue. Distilled water doesn’t come close as you are trying to fractionate the water at specifically the boiling point of 100oC and then only condense the water that is liberated. Based on some chemical solubilities and boiling points, the steam can capture chemicals and return it to the water during condensing. Also, water tends to from unique bonds with other chemicals (azeotropes if you want to research)which affect the distillation temperatures, which can also add to further contamination to water.

But back to the original point, if you want clean drinking water, Reverse Osmosis is your best option. It’s not too difficult to install but does require routine maintenance if you want to prevent damage to the filtration membrane.

No. That is sulphur and the only thing that helps is a piece of equipment that uses hydrogen peroxide to treat the water as it goes into the softener. Unfortunately am there doing that. Sometimes shocking the well helps but often makes it worse.

If its on the hot side that’s another issue. Had that one too!

Can I use it for the shower too? this water’s impurities is seriously affecting my skin

“It’s 15.59 shipped free on order of $39+ with a simple google shopping search of the model number.”

-edit - that was with only 2 filters.

Thanks for your feedback.

You should have your water tested to see why it taste bad before relying on these. These are good for chlorine and nothing else significant. I’m not sure why you’re so confident that your water is so clean and safe because there are so many steps where it can get contaminated. For example, even if your municipal source is clean, don’t forget the many miles the water has to travel to get to your mouth. The pipes and boiler, for example, can be sources of lead. And organisms can be introduced anywhere. An easy test would be to compare the taste of your home’s water to that of your neighbors and your workplace. And always keep in mind that many contaminants are invisible and tasteless.