Instead of product, I received an empty box :/

Hey all, I dont know what else to say… I ordered SanDisk Sansa Express 1GB MP3 Player from woot and I received two empty boxes! wait… One has a 3 inch usb adapter… What do I do? I emailed and am waiting for a response, but how do I prove that all i got is an empty box?

you might not have to, as long as you were reasonably courteous in your email.

i’d suggest posting in World of Woot as well, the woot staff read that section of the forums more than here, they might help take care of you.

owned? Besides the fact that you now officially own 2 empty boxes with a usb adapter, i would wait for a email back from woot.

Maybe they’ll send you two Sansas just because of the trouble. I mean, they have tons of those mp3 players lying around collecting dust, right?

No need to worry Akea - they’ll make things right for you. :slight_smile: