InStyler Original Rotating Barrel Hot Iron 1-1/4"

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InStyler Original Rotating Barrel Hot Iron 1-1/4"
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Good reviews and a video over at Bed Bath & Beyond

I really like the InStyler Wet & Dry I have. I wonder if this one is any different? A backup for half the price would great!

These things are AMAZING! This is the only device that has ever gotten my coarse, curly, Caucasian hair straight.

I really like my Topstyler by Instyler clamshell curl thingy’s although it took a little practice to use them. Am seriously considering this tool to help tame my thick, long, curly mess. Would like to see more testaments to it’s ease of use from others since I am all thumbs when it comes to styling hair. Anyone?

Can confirm. This is a fantastic tool. I am super lazy when it comes to styling my hair, so anything that cuts down on the number of steps and makes it klutz-proof is a definite ‘yes.’
There is a small learning curve to make it awesome, but even if you just try it straight out of the box without reading anything, it’s uber helpful.
Highly recommend.

I bought this the last time they had it.
I LOVE it. The only thing wrong is that I am a bit of a klutz, but it is a short learning curve. It makes my frizzy, do what it dang well pleases hair behave and look awesome.
You will not regret getting this.