Insults Around The Galaxy

How Rude!

Wearing this the next time I go to Mos Eisley.

Ha, I love that Jar Jar’s mere existence is an insult.

But Jar Jar is my favorite character from that thing that was made to come before the Star Wars movie.

…some of those actually have in-universe translations that aren’t insults… #nerdworldproblems

I’m sure it’s just me (apparently), but even the cutest, most clever Star Wars related tee shirts are getting old. I certainly hope no one ever complains about too many Doctor Who related shirts again. I think Woot needs a site dedicated to Star Wars and Cat tees alone. *Sighh

but…but… JarJar was supposed to be be biggest baddest Sith Lord of all!

Insults all around, actually. Pretty sure that I would not only convey insults, but be insulted for having Jar Jar on my shirt in that “You like Jar Jar?” sort of way.

I would buy another Dr. Who shirt. I wish there were more!

E chu ta!

It’s hard to choose between Jar-Jar and the Midichlorians. I think the existence of the Midichlorian is worse.

It’s about as insulting as in Star Trek when they talk about the Progenitor race seeding the universe with DNA and that’s why we can have hybrid Klingon/human babies. Why that works, but not hybrid human/spider babies I’ll never know. Oh yeah, shoddy writing.

I agree! lol

Yub Nub is not an insult!

“Utinni” is not an insult, either. It means “come here” in Jawa.

Star Wars shirt fail.

I find one’s lack of Woot disturbing …

Oh it’s an insult, as in:

“Yub Nub! You tightened the oil plug with a wrench! You are supposed to just hand tighten it! Now you ruined the threads!”

meega nala kweesta!

and where is E chu ta?