Intec 15-in-1 Wii Accessory Kit with Mini Backpack

Bought one last time, great deal, better quality than I expected!

I ordered 2 for the racing wheels. The rest is a bonus… Do the wii remotes actually… work? Because if so, this is a steal. I only have 2 'motes, so it would be nice if I could use these when I have more people over, even if I have to use a POS.

Just thought about this… Are these accessories compatible with a ma- I mean a regular wiimote?

Does this work with a PS3? !

Agreed, and bought!

Crud, I bought two on my own without anyone’s advice. Now who do I blame if they’re no good?

Golf club should suffice!

You can blame me for telling you it’ll taste like mustard if you eat it with 9 lbs of mustard.

Awesome! I had an Energizer charging station, and the batteries have stopped holding a charge. I bought an induction charger at Best Buy this past week, and one of those won’t charge at all. Instead of exchanging, I’ll buy this and return that other piece of crap.

Damn you Woot-off! I swore I wouldn’t make any other impulse purchases this week.

My last charging station was one of the uber-cheap Rocketfish models from BB. One of the rechargable batteries was bricked and the other one held a charge for only 4-5 hours. Hope these work better…but at least at this price I don’t have much to lose.

I wonder how much I’d make back if I tried to sell off each of the accesories that I don’t want… enough to make this a free charging station?

First ever woot for me! Of course, it would be for something I’m shipping to family and not for myself…

A friend bought a intec wii remote and loved it until it broke after 3 and a half months. From what I’ve read they’re not built to last.

The remote alone is worth this.

It might actually be good with 9 lbs of mustard.

The one I wrote about above was also a Rocketfish. I paid $30 for it, and couldn’t even get one of the batteries to charge fresh out of the box!

Dangit, why did my connection have to crap out when there was finally something I wanted? >_<

My power flickered and bricked my wii right after I ordered 3 of these. Omens suck.

Mine came in today.Looks like i got used one there is lot of dust & few hairs on charging base.:smiley:

Got mine yesterday, great price and it looked all brand new.

Bought one of these and I’m happy to be using rechargeable packs instead of AA batteries now, but there are several defects:

  1. Out of the box, the charging light for the right socket does not light at all, blue or red. The socket does seem to charge, however.
  2. The Nunchuck has stopped working entirely
  3. The Remote’s speaker is VERY distorted
  4. The Remote works intermittently

The biggest problem is that when I contacted Intec for support, they stated that they “do not honor items sold on” because Woot is considered a “private seller” What?!?

I will not buy Intec brand again.