Intec Wii Action Board for Wii Fit

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Intec Wii Action Board for Wii Fit
$12.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Start working out the real way Fattys

Life sucks. I’m going to go do the dishes.

Well, at least it isn’t another camera.

This is actually a great deal

I use wiimotes (the cheap replacement ones) for robot sensors… I wonder what these have inside… Nah

Where is the bag of crap???

Anybody know how much weight this thing can support?

I miss the Sold Out image… It gave me a sense of urgency to F5 faster.

And here I thought I’d not get anything done around the house. I’ve got plenty of time… ugh.

When I said I wanted video game items this is not in any way what I meant. I am a Nintendo fan and I have no use for this thing.

How do you slit your rists? Also,what is a rists?

At least it’s not an Apple product…

it only helps for a little bit then you end up back here
we are slaves of the woot


Whew…its a good thing you didn’t slit your wrists.

In for 1. Want to ski on my second Wii without schlepping the Wii-authorized version around.

Great deal, Woot!

That would be better than wristing your slits!!

No bag for us…(pulls lever)