Intec Wii Charging Dock & Turbo Cooler

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Intec Wii Charging Dock & Turbo Cooler
$4.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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holy Wii Wii!!

woohoo more poop i don’t want

More garbage …

Where do I put my beer???

Look like no boc or another 3 day

Great price!

anyone know anything about these? do they work?

This is worth it for the battery pack and charger alone. With the way the Wiimotes go through batteries this thing will pay for itself.

Is it worth it just for the battery packs?


DAY 3 please…

wii need more xbox stuffs

Cheaper shipped on Amazon, with two day shipping for Prime.

Sorry Woot!

Edit: Apparently the black one is cheaper, the white one is $30

Uhhh… down your throat maybe…?


how many 6 packs can the turbo cooler hold? and is it an easy travel tote? why isn’t it pictured with the wii dock? why are my pants on backwards?

I have a similar device for my death-ray tazers.

I missed the last one so I’m def in for this I hope its good I didn’t get a chance to look at reviews.