Intec Wii Nunchuk Controller Twin Pack

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Intec Wii Nunchuk Controller Twin Pack
$5.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Do these work as well as the Wii Brand remotes?

I’d have to agree with the description:


How old is the person writing the writeups?

I’m fairly sure that there are a number of wonderful, 40±year-olds (and 20-somethings into older women) who would love to woo Lisa Bonet.

These definitely have less sensitivity than the actual Wii - motes.

Love the write-up though Woot. Who DIDN’T have a crush on Lisa Bonet back in the 80s?

Is this some sly reference to Ms. Bonet’s fine, fine interracial self? Black nunchuck, white wiimote?

I have one of the Intec Motes and Chuck set, and I think they work just as well, if not better! Buy em!

Electronics hobbyists should know that data from the Nunchuck’s accelerometer, joystick, and buttons can be read by any microcontroller, making for a very inexpensive alternative to buying ICs for this purpose.

Everybody was kung-fu fighting
Those Wooters were fast as lightning
In fact it was a little bit frightning
For they fought with expert timing

Yay Wootoff! I never expected these to pop up, but whuddya know my Nintendo brand nunchuk crapped out a month or so ago. DOA. I’ll give these a try for $10.99.

Girls want boyfriends with skills. You know, like nunchuck skills, bowhunting skills, computer hacking skills

Will these make me better at Wii games than my nephew and any other adolescent that might might challenge me?


I’m willing to give these a try for $10.99. We needed 2 new nunchuks to replace the 2 our foster kittens nommed upon earlier this week. Nice timing :slight_smile:

Maybe. I’m into the “don’t blame the game computer, blame the controller” game too! (used to do that)

lolz thanks thunder!

I do love The Cosby Show Lisa Bonet…but that was NES, this is Wii…it’s a Different World…

O rly?