Intel Core i5 6600K 3.50GHz

Intel Core i5 6600K 3.50GHz

Thanks for reminding me I should upgrade off my haswell. Won’t be rolling the dice on an open box skylake, but would if I had an i3 for the LGA1151 socket.

open box reminds me of a tech story. I watched a tech do an upgrade. He turned on the pc, it posted, booted to os, he moved the mouse, it died. 3x. he traded mice. still died. he tried it without a mouse. Still died. He took out the cpu and reinserted it. Still died. Did the same with the ram. still died. Then realized he didn’t have a heatsink and fan on the ram. ha. ha ha. Customer got a new cpu and I suppose the other cpu became “open box”. Would it pass a test? sure. Last awhile? probably longer than warranty, but not much. IDK what happened beteween taking it out of the box and putting it back in the box. You’all can buy open box pc electronics but I never will.

On the RAM or CPU?

twice. Let’s try this again. Focus without distraction…

He then realized he did not have a heatsink and fan on the CPU.

I am working on three different coding languages so if I’m distracted and thinking about a particular problem…we get garble like this lol. I should just focus on the code.

Vacillating between three as well. Well, assuming you believe SQL is a language.

shrug I think it’s a language. Seems like an endless debate sometimes. It requires knowledge (or recognition) of reserved words, and has it’s own peculiar syntax and grammar that must be adhered to. So broadly speaking, that’s enough for me.