Intel Core i7-3770S Quad-Core Processor 3.1 GHz

3rd Gen for 4th gen coin and you cannot overclock it. Damn, this should be $100 cheaper just to clean out the warehouse.

Came out April 2012, so a few generations back, but at least ASUS has several sub $75 boards on Newegg for the 1155 socket. Check reviews on Newegg…Mostly positive.

This isn’t much of a discount considering that it’s open box with a 90 day warranty. I’d rather spend the extra $70 at Newegg and get a full 3 year warranty if I were to do it… and if I was going to spend that money, I’d get the latest generation processor. This is overpriced, not a very good Woot here.

Agreed. I was not impressed with the price at all for “open box” - what might be missing from/wrong with it? The missing screws? Bent pins?

I would go new, unopened and fully warranteed as well.

Well, it does at least rank 3rd in "bang for your buck:

However, for $99 you can get the AMD FX-6300 and be perfectly happy, like me for example.

Or, for $20 less than this woot, get your processor, 8 gig ram, motherboard, and 1 tb hard drive:

New with prime shipping for $235 from


My brother had this chip with two different boards (chip replaced once) and was plagued with constant BSODs and TIM errors. I would only buy it if it was 150 off, otherwise you are better off getting the 4790k for 50 more.

That one does not indicate that it comes with the cpu fan, or that it comes with the Intel warranty (I clicked on the warranty info link and got nothing). So, not that great of a deal, either.

If your building a new gaming computer,get the new 6th gen i5 or i7 cpu as it will then work with the Occulus Rift VR go to Occulus website and you will find a test program to see if your computer will work with it. I used the i5 6600S CPU and a GTX 970 video card the minimum needed for it and a new ROG mother board for the L1151 CPU chipset, now I’m ready for it.

The revised pricing on the Rift is a ripoff anyways

Says DOA/30day. It’s an OEM, so no fan or real warranty. Only ones that come with that come in the retail box

there selling it at cost supposedly! Research it, what it contains

On one hand, if you have the 1155 socket motherboard and an i3 or lower processor, this may be worth it. Maybe. This is a low-voltage (although not T-series low) processor and are not cheap.

But then, you could just upgrade to Skylake with a cheap motherboard and not much more coin, so I’m not sure if this is worth it even then.

But that DDR4 upgrade is killer.

Pbbt, 16GB can easily be had for less than $80. That’s not bad for a newer tech.

3 years ago, a 3770K was $229 at certain stores… I bought one and now I am typing this with the computer that it went to.

LOL Exactly. Same CPU went into my machine in March of 2013 and still running strong.

But to pay over $200 for 3 generation behind?

Even if you dont have a microcenter in your city, these prices reflect a market.

This is not a good deal at all.