Intel Core i9-9900K 8-Core Processor

Intel Core i9-9900K 8-Core Processor

Mothership price is showing $315.99 for me.

Guess Woot! is selling it cheaper then…

Not by much … maybe someone in Woot! would lower the price more when they see this. :wink:

Just think, this is practically one step above the minimum Core i9 required for Windows 11.


There’s no point in buying this unless you already have a compatible Intel motherboard and are looking to upgrade.

The Ryzen 5 5600x outperforms the 9900k in both multi-threaded and single-threaded workloads and is $20 cheaper.

Here’s the $279 5600x at microcenter


Ha ha. I installed windows 11 on an i5 4th gen with integrated graphics, and it runs just fine.


Give it time, their not done screwing it up yet.


You can expect that to change:

You’ll need a compatible machine, although Microsoft says it’s waiving its new hardware requirements during this preview period for those who have been testing Windows builds prior to June 24th.

The final release will most definitely not support anything less than an 8th gen Intel or 2nd gen Ryzen CPU, and also won’t support a system without TPM 2.0 (though hardware TPM is not a requirement; any firmware based TPM 2.0 should be fine as long as it’s turned on in the UEFI settings).


I tried Microsoft’s “PC Health” application that tests for system compatibility with Windows 11 on the laptop I got here on Woot. It said the 7th gen Core i5 Quad wasn’t compatible with Windows 11. (It is compatible. Don’t put too much faith in their test.)

Yeah, it may not be fully accurate yet. Laptop CPU’s have different SKU’s than the desktop variant and they likely didn’t account for all of them yet.

LOL. There’s not a lot of margin in computers and electronics.


Microcenter regularly has these on sale for $250. I would suggest calling any local microcenter to see if they got any deals going on.

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It’s time for me to do a new build, but with the costs of GPUs, I just don’t know when I’m actually going to start the process of acquiring pieces…By the look of things when I start it, this CPU might be well under $200. :laughing:

Also not a bad option for right now.

Is this a refurb? This IS woot!

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Looks for less then $16 more you can make 12 monthly payments at Best Buy

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$315.99Your price for this item is $315.99

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Nope, it’s new. You can see the condition under the price on the sale page.


Yeah but they’re gone at the one near me and I haven’t seen them restocked. I should have grabbed one to upgrade my 9700k.

Microsoft taking down PC Health Check app in response to Windows 11 confusion

“The good news is that Windows 11 may support more PCs than originally thought”