Intel Z3735F Ultra-slim PC Compute Stick

I have a similar sized unit from the mothership [Azulle Quantum Access Mini PC Stick (Windows 10, Intel Atom Z3735F, 2GB RAM+32GB storage)] for $89.

Works fine, but you will want an extension to connect the unit to a monitor or TV. Otherwise it will stick out the back and, if hit, could damage the unit or perhaps the monitor.

My monitor has no speakers, so I plugged in one of those USB>mic/headphone adapters and they worked. But I had to plug in another gadget with more USB plugs if I wanted to use any other USB devices, keyboard, mouse, thumbdrive, etc.

By the time you are done, you may have a lot of things added on. You might as well buy one of those very small form-factor desktop units!

Ubuntu should be OK with the memory size, but, as usual, more would be better.

These seem to be a solution looking for a problem. Those crazy Asian “TV Boxes” running Android with at least 4 USB ports, SD card reader, remote control and separate AC wall wart may be more amusing for about the same price.

I am surprised none are just Chromebook boxes-the ultimate solution for the severely tech challenged!

I use my “TV Box” to watch movies saved to USB stick, USB hard drive, etc.

The included software gains access to some bizarre public domain streaming movie sites and other content. Not the most stable system, but pretty wild foraround $50.

The price is tempting, especially since it’s new condition. But due to the limited number of ports, storage, RAM… this device has limited and specific usage. Maybe home automation and IoT stuff. Or possibly use it as a torrent/usenet downloader with external storage attached. Or display kiosk.

Also, I’m not sure if this applies to this Linux version. But on the Windows version, I’ve read some reports that that wifi drops out or has spotty performance if you’re using a bluetooth keyboard at the same time. Apparently, the wireless module on these things can’t do wifi and bluetooth at the same time. Something to research further if you’re considering buying one.

With only 1Gb of ram this is not going to be any fun to use. It looks like this is one of the first generation Compute sticks. A relevant review:

I suppose if you wanted a low power server to handle mail or dns this could have some use. Though a Raspberry pi could do the same job for less $.

Thank you for that link and the gory details in the review. Good info to have.

Is it possible that these devices have been improved upon in the year and a half since the review?

I’m still tempted, even though this device has half the RAM and a different OS. Checking for other reviews now.

reviews don’t look too good

I bought two of these and was very disappointed at first, but after a lot of research and hard work I found a way to make these a much more viable option. First install a fresh version of Ubuntu or Ubuntu lite with LVM find an ISO that works here Then put in a SD card and use LVM to expand the root partition, you can find tutorials online to do this. After that you have an okay TV PC, you can use it as a media device or even as a steam machine.

but to do all that work just to have an “okay” device. meh. Ill pass. It seems like coughing up some extra dough for the Windows version seems like a better idea. Even if you end up putting Linux on it anyway.

YMMV, but this was absolutely perfect for the purpose I was looking for. We cut the cord last Summer and I have been looking for some sort of small PC like thing to attach for streaming downloaded content to the TV, to augment the Roku. First considered one of those micro desktops, then started poking at the Paspberry Pi. Right around that time, a few months ago, this came up on Woot. For less than $50 it looked like a no-lose option. I added on a Logitech K400+ keyboard/touchpad ($18) and it’s been great for browsing and playing some ahem otherwise unavailable content. A co-worker recommended Kodi for easier streaming so I loaded that with a couple of add-ons and it has become the best way to watch what I have not been able to get on Roku.

So in sum, if you want a robust computing device for your TV, skip it. Small memory and not exactly blazing speed But as a limited use streaming or display device, this is pretty near perfect for the price. If you have been considering a Pi but don’t like the kit aspect and extra cost to make it usable, the Compute Stick is your man.

We bought one of those “crazy” Asian X95 Android boxes and…We love it! If you get one make sure you get the mini wireless keyboard with it…makes all difference in the world.

Yeah. Bought three. They sucked. once you finish installing ubuntu, you only have 900MB storage available. Streaming video sites work horribly.