Intelligent 6V / 12V Battery Charger / Maintainer

Intelligent 6V / 12V Battery Charger / Maintainer

Can this be used to maintain a sump emergency battery? If so, trickle or float or. . . . ?

I don’t see why not, this can be used on any 6v or 12v lead acid battery. It will charge the battery to full if it isn’t already (at 1.5A) and then maintain it at full charge with a trickle/float charge.

If there’s a chance that the battery will completely drain below 3V before the power is restored, this charger won’t automatically resume charging or can charge at 6V instead of 12V. The dual voltage chargers do that if the battery drops below 6V and it will short out a 12V battery. Most of them have some kind of manual mode to charge a dead 12V battery. I like chargers with dedicated voltage settings that resume charging a dead battery automatically for something like a sump pump.

It does say that it’s waterproof so it should be good for outdoor use on a vehicle.

it says 750 ma right on the unit, not 1.5 amp, right. If you have a dead car battery, this would take forever. It’s a maintainer, too weak to be a charger. It would take forever even if it were 1.5 amp.

It will kick on as soon as the battery is a little bit discharged, to it’s perfect for the sump pump battery mentioned above.

Ouch! More than 1/3 of the feedback reviews are one or two star. Brutal.

If you’re charging/maintaining a 6v/12v device, doesn’t it deserve a real charger/maintainer?

NOCO makes bullet-proof very smart chargers (also very compact) that cost a bit more but they just plain work! (I have zero affiliation with NOCO other than using them for almost ten years.)

Sold on Amazon as well.