IntelliTEC Digital Water Purity Tester - 2 Pack



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IntelliTEC Digital Water Purity Tester - 2 Pack
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  • 2 IntelliTEC WPT1012 Digital Water Purity Tester


i’d rather now know lol…


I feel better not knowing what’s in my water!


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Remember to times the price by two on Google as its 2PackTuesday!


Are there any directly comparable products?

Good luck!



I like to give my water the good ole taste test.

If I die 2 days later, I know it was bad.


interesting. anybody know if these are accurate?


Good night woot… I already know my water sucks


Am I living in place where pure water is difficult to come by?

Perhaps the apocalypse is nearing?


These would be great for anyone who has paid to have a filtration sytem installed with a warrenty. But for me I never want to know what is in the tap water… Only bottled to drink.


Unless you’re going to Darfur, it’s probably not even worth it.


Useful I guess to someone. However, I’m fairly certain I have nothing to worry about around here. Maybe in Southern Africa…


Made in China… water sucks in China… Passsss


Are there any obvious impurities that this might miss?

Especially of interest is whether other testers/filters could accomodate impurities that might be missed/underreported by this tester.

Good luck!



This device only checks for total dissolved solids. However, it will let you know when you actually need to change that Pur filter, rather than just taking Pur’s (money-grubbing) suggestion!


Its a great woot if the water where you might be going is dirty…I am heading to Guatemala so these should be coming in handy and if I weren’t going out of the country I would agree with the worst woot nomination…


Love the wootcast but still… wtf?


good thing you dont live in mexico city…or perhaps i should say, good thing your not currently buried in mexico city


It checks for “total dissolved solids”. Am I wrong, or don’t many bottled waters have “minerals added for flavor” or something like that? Isn’t pure H2O really flat tasting? Like Perrier, for instance, or San Remo (whatever it is). Don’t they have minerals in them to put some lead in your pencil?