IntelliVac RV01: Mediocre Robotic Vacuum


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No, i’m not going to brag about being FIRST :smiley:

Too bad I dont have $60 to spend on this, I could use one. Blame dell and that damn $750 off a laptop deal.


i would step on it


[size=24:360a77961c]$50 ROBOSAPIEN!!![/size:360a77961c]




darned not first again oh well :smiley:


[quote user=“the little red vacuum that could not”[/quote]

Well, hey, at least they’re honest! :slight_smile:


what a crappy vacuum… undoubtably it will sell out :smiley: as most woot things do.


Oh I stayed up for this


not a good woot


no ooooooo


IntelliVac RV01: Mediocre Robotic Vacuum
“the little red vacuum that could not”
$59.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling

With Lentek’s Intellivac robotic vacuum, vacuuming happens without human supervision–an advantage that can help chores go double-time. When turned on, it runs in a series of patterns across the floor: a random pattern, a spiral pattern, a perimeter pattern, and a Z-type pattern like the one an ox would make plowing a field. (thats what the manufacturer says, but Woot wonders about the last time anyone actually saw an ox plowing a field…)

Although it is designed for bare floors and low carpets, woot reads that it sucks on carpet. And we don’t mean that in a good way. Woot recommends buying this to clean your tile, hardwood, slate and linoleum floors. You can run it on carpet, just don’t expect it to do much of anything except move around like an ox…or you can chase your cat with it thanks to the handy remote control.

Designed with a quiet motor, this easy-to-use robotic floorvac includes an array of convenient features. The unit vacuums and sweeps with two spinning edge-cleaning brushes that handle carpet, plus disposable cleaning cloths that pick up dirt, dust, and pet hair from hard-surface floors. Engineered to clean around furniture and along walls, the unit can be set to run for 20 to 60 minutes, a helpful option that means you can set it running and leave the house. The machine also features built-in sensors to keep it from falling off of stairs or getting stuck under couches.

Woot also includes the venerable Samsonite Motion Sensor Alarm SAP-707 with remote control, so one need not worry about leaving your Mediocre vacuum sitting out.

Rechargeable robotic floor vacuum for bare floors
Runs for 20, 40, or 60 minutes depending on room size
Cleaning patterns include random, spiral, perimeter, and “z” type
Built-in stair-avoidance sensors
Sweeper attachment for hardwood floors
Measures 13-1/4 by 13-1/4 by 4 inches
Vacuums and sweeps with a quiet motor
Non-marring, touch-sensitive bumper
Cleans hard-to-reach areas
Includes remote control, 3 disposable cleaning cloths, sweeper attachment for hardwoods, rechargeable battery, anti-theft device
Condition: New, retail


Looks like a awesome woot, will be getting one for my mom for her b-day and one for my self. I love these things! Lets you be lazy!


:evil: damn you woot, keep putting out trash


woot isnt even trying anymore, going to bed (and I know because this is my first post)


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IntelliVac RV01: Mediocre Robotic Vacuum
“the little red vacuum that could not”

Official Woot Price: $59.99


here’s a good marketing idea for woot: since so many of the “bargain hunters” have bought notebooks recently, why don’t we sell notebook accessories!


Shirts to vacum cleaners got em all :?


lowest on froogle is 150?

woot worthy.

xmas gift.