Intensive Candy Unit

This happens to me all the time…

i must be pure evil–this made me laugh really hard! >=b

p.s. that goes double for the “wear this shirt” description today.

would this be in bad taste to wear during an ER rotation?

Where are the screaming children trying to get the candy?

More food death.

I guess that’s a glucose solution in the IV.

Oh mah gawd! It’s worse than I thought!

Nurse, we need 500CC of filling, STAT!

This is a much better name than the one given to it in the derby: “Inspired by One of those days”. I didn’t think it met the title of the previous design, but I’m kinda glad this one got the chance to see a tee.

Reminds me of the finale of Adventure Time season 2 (“Mortal Folly” / “Mortal Recoil”).

We need to let the piñatas live! We need a place where they can be free from the tyranny of sticks and sadistic children!

Viva la Piñata!

Thank you, Rareware, for making such a place real…

viva pinata…

Totally unprofessional. They just left his guts strewn all over the place. I want the name of the hospital so I know where NOT to take my pinata, should it ever come to life and require medical attention.

At my wedding we had a custom made piñata that looked like a bride, groom and baby carriage
We thought is was a great idea until the symbolism of the kids later kicking the “groom’s head” across the the dance floor sunk in

Why didn’t they bandage the stomach, eh? Were they going to stitch it up? Or papier mâché it, rather.

Mexican healthcare seems to be better than I pictured it.

What kind of an ICU bandages the leg but misses the HUGE GAPING HOLE in the stomach and leaves the innards laying all over the bed and floor? Get this guy to a REAL hospital!

it’s the same situation with couples that order a groom’s cake that looks like their beloved pet to “include it in the wedding”–they don’t think about what will happen when it’s time to slice up fido and pass around pieces to the party guests. shudder

Are you kidding? That’s PRECISELY where I’d wear it!

This is pretty funny, I must say.