Interactive Cat Laser Pointer Toy

Interactive Cat Laser Pointer Toy

Not the first or last time I’ll end up saying this. Woot, you suck. The mother-in-law has these for $12 today. A price match for the 3 I bought would be a good faith gesture for the hundreds of items I’ve bought from here.

Hi Woody. Sorry about that. We can’t control the pricing of 3rd parties or Amazon. Looks like it’s a Deal of the Day which is always the best pricing.

This would make for a delightful t-shirt to go along with the other two.

TT, you do realize that woot is the AND has always been marketed as the “Deal of the Day” website?

Matt over at meh is ROTFLhAO right now. :rofl:

Yep but that’s not Amazon’s Deal of the Day. :stuck_out_tongue:

Pics or it didn’t happen.

Here you go!

Google says that photo is nearly 5 years old. #fakenews

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The oldest result from TinEye is a little less than 5 years old.

(Second to last result on this page.)