Interior Lighting: Not For Eating

5 of these “interior” lights are actually for outdoor…

Sylvania 75257 LED Indoor Wall Mounted Fixture, Polished Nickel - $26.99 with free Prime shipping at

Photos of the boxes instead of product pictures? Is this eBay or Woot?

The Sylvania 75267 doesn’t seem to be that great of a deal either. Amazon has it for 39.99 w/ free shipping -

Thanks for pointing it out- we’ve dropped the price on ours to $24.99 to remain competitive- we’ll be emailing customers who already bought with a refund of the difference.

& we’ve lowered our price on this one to $29.99 - no one bought any of those yet.

In the past two months I’ve received as many products that were not what was advertised (one, lamps, which looked close enough to pass, but the brand was different) and LED road flares, which looked distinctly different (and 5 of 6 were busted) and were of a different model; not entirely clear if it was even the same manufacturer.

It’s to the point that I’m not comfortable ordering something like this since it’s looking like I may not get the actual brand or product I’d anticipate.

I went to add it to the cart until I read 3 ratings on Home Depot. :frowning: