Interlink Showerheads - Your Choice

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Interlink Showerheads - Your Choice
Price: $23.99 - 47.99
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Here’s the 1486 model on Amazon

Hey Woot don’t you thing you should post the gpm flow rates for these? Looks like almost everybody who’s purchased so far lives in a state with current drought or regular water rights/access issues. Seems the responsible thing to do.

How is this a tool? Maybe it can pound nails. As for garden use, the hose it too short to easily water plants. Who is Woot’s categorizer, Rainman?

The 1488 model on Amazon

Most of the reviews are positive. Main complaints seem to be that the threads are plastic, and you can hear a whine from the turbine that powers the LED’s.

Edit: It also ends up being cheaper to buy on Amazon if you happen to have Prime.

DreamSpa® 1435 on Amazon

seems to rate quite well also, and seems the most versatile of the group, removing the LED lights from the equation which I find a little neat, bur mostly gimmicky. It also comes in at about 70 cents less for Prime members purchasing through a Prime vendor that doesn’t charge sales tax.

Be aware that many of the excellent reviews for the shower head in that link come from people who have received the product for a discount in exchange for an “honest, unbiased” review. Uh-huh. Runs rampant on Amazon.

Almost all of them are cheaper on Amazon because Amazon has free shipping

Now I can shower in technicolor…Ooops I think I just dated myself! (just google it )

Correct, and lack of sales tax if applicable.

When a product has 75+ reviews, that becomes less impactful. Also, not everyone believes that Vine reviews have no merit. I for one am obviously less jaundiced by them than many others who consistently make a point of their presence.

After purchasing one and having it die 6 months later, not very impressed. It may have been due to the fact I have hard water and the minerals built up, Ill never know.

It had a warranty, however when you cant locate the company online, and WOOT doesn’t even have their information on file, it makes filing a ‘warranty’ claim a bit difficult. Nice to finally see who makes these…

Word to the wise, I wouldn’t buy one again.

My name is Robert and I work for Interlink Products, the manufacturer of these featured shower products.

All our product are covered by warranty. The warranty and our company contact information is on the Product Instructions Sheet included with each product. If you ever have an issue with any product component, just email or call our toll-free customer service number. We will be happy to send replacement free of charge (within 24 hours).

Our company has been one of the leading showerhead manufactures in US for close to 20 years, designing, manufacturing and supplying our shower products to many national retail chains.

Why don’t you post that contact information here please.

“Electric Shower Head” sounds only a little bit more useful than Steve Martin’s “Electric Dog Polisher.”

Here you go:

Robert, the purchaser comment who drove you to reply is the reason I look at WOOT. Unfortunately for you, but honestly, what they offer as a comment rules. The hassles of a return for this level of purchase price, given shipping on both sides and then a direct Amazon sales opportunity make a WOOT purchase of your product not wise to me.

Sorry if it sounds rude, I only mean to offer a concept as a customer of WOOT.

It would have been a cute idea for my nine year old little girl though…

Hello Robert,

I am having a problem with my Hotel Spa Interlink Showerhead 4500, which I ordered from woot!, but I don’t have the paperwork handy and cannot find any contact information online! Can you please help?

Thank you.

Hi there. I think this is the site. Contact & warranty info is at the bottom of the page.