Interlink Showerheads

if there are no batteries, what powers it? hydrogenerators?

Indeed, it’s powered by the running water.

I have one of these, and it’s awesome.

How’s the water pressure on this thing? I’ve had a couple handheld ones that seem to have pretty low pressure compared to others

I have the color changing LED showerhead for about 3 months. It works pretty good, but for the last month it makes a horrible screaming noise that sounds like a duckling having its innards pulled out. Tried everything to stop it including cleaning out the connections and jet heads. Alas it is cheaply made and most likely just sucking in air from weak seals. I’m going to replace soon.

Hydroluxe is 16$ on amazon with 2 day shipping prime. Woot is seriously a joke these days.

What powers the LED lights? I hesitate to use it in the shower if I have to plug it in.

Found this listed on Overstock’s page:
HotelSpa Ultra Luxury Color Changing LED/LCD Hand Shower with Lighted Temperature Display can be used as Overhead or Handheld shower, powered by running water, no batteries needed, LED lights have long life of 100,000 hours.

Hydrolux doesn’t have the LED innards. This unit costs sixty bucks on Amazon, so this actually is a good price.

If it’s like a similar unit I’ve had, there’s a built in water wheel and a tiny DC generator, all in a sealed unit, that powers the lights when the water is running through the head. On mine, this is the part that failed first (it just stopped spinning) so I imagine that will be the fail point if anything. The voltage is minimal.