Interlocking Foam Exercise Mat 6-Packs

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Interlocking Foam Exercise Mat 6-Packs
Price: $17.99
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One person loves this over at The O

I have to say, I purchased these at a big box story near my home. I put them down in my garage where I was going to be doing P90x.

The only problem with these foam ones is, they absolutely do not stay put. If you do not have them weighted down by a large piece of equipment, they will be more of a hindrance than a helper. Any amount of quick movement of the feet will result in all, or some of the pads moving right out from under your feet.
Can you do the splits? No? Me either. But I got a lot closet one day doing some lunges on these.

I would suggest, if you plan on putting these under large equipment, they will probably be fine. If, however, you will not be doing that, and expect them to stay in one place while exercising, these are not the pads for you. They do make rubber pads. They weigh more, and are more sturdy. I would recommend those. The foam ones just don’t cut it.

I also bought these at a big box store, for roughly the same price, to put under a squat rack. I hated them. The weight of the rack caused them to come unconnected in some spots. And it was so difficult to move a bench in and out of the space with these. Might have been easier if I had an extra row or two of these but I doubt it. I replaced them with the rubber ones, much happier.

$15.99 at Walmart or Sams Club, not a deal.

[MOD: Walmart, same brand, $20 or $25 depending on color. Sams does not carry Sivan.]

I’d like to echo the same criticisms above. I have a higher quality version of the same basic thing and they are easily scratched and marred.

I did some research and apparently horse mats (yes, horse mats) are the way to go. I’ll be trying them out sometime in the next few months. When they are on sale, they aren’t much more expensive than these… But they are much, much heavier.

Excellent for all your Cosplay armor needs. Buy a couple of these and have that steampunk half power armor setup in no time.

Also good for your Spartan shield, or your ridiculously large boots. srsly not a deal.

Not much of a deal, and for a not so great product. Thanks woot.

Tractor Supply has horse mats…and they do go on sale often…priced around $24.00…±

“Limit 3”. What good do these do me if I can’t buy the correct amount I need?

I bought these from Menards for a room in the basement where I had to pull up the carpet from floodage, and these are awesome, very comfy on the feet, especially keeps them from getting cold - basement floors in Wisconsin tend to be quite frigid.

However I concur, I can’t for the life of me understand why it would only be a limit of 3, I needed at least 30 squares or so just to cover half a small room…

Actually now that I looked, the ones I have are 18 inches, these are 24, so you get more area, but still, they should let you purchase quite a few more if someone wants to do a whole room…

You need 3 sets of 6 2x2 mats? YOU MUST BE HUGE!

This. I have several sets of the Harbor Freight deals. Yes, they sell a lot of complete garbage, but these work very well for what they were meant. Which is not an exercise mat.


Upped How Many You Can Buy

You spoke, we heard. We’ve updated the max quantity to 6 so you can cover the floor of that bounce room you’re building.

I used 3 sets to cover the area for my squat rack & bench.

I now have 6 of the rubber mats from Home Depot instead since these are garbage.

I have had a similar product, albeit a bit thicker, for a year now. I love it and use the squares everywhere from under the treadmill, to using as kneeling cushions on cement, to underfoot by the kitchen sink to make washing the dishes while in stocking feet more bearable (I now have no excuse not to clean out that sink every night :))

Be aware not all foam flooring is created equal. Some will contain carcinogens that leak into the air, others are just questionably dangerous, certainly not anything you’d want a child crawling on no matter how cute they may look. Never take the manufacturer’s marketing word for it. Do your research. I have forgotten what two chemicals to look out for, but am pretty sure EVA contains one of them.