Interlocking Foam Exercise Mat 6-Packs

Comments/Discussion from a previous offer

cheaper on EBAY

or Harbor Freight

not 1/2" thick.

The Harbor freight ones are 1/2" and the ebay ones are .4" so pretty darn close

Those don’t appear to be the same brand.

In my experience, the Harbor Freight ones also require a fairly significant airing out period before they stop outgassing. Once the outgassing is complete, then they’re a fine product, but until then, they have a very strong odor. Less than ideal if you’re going to be up close and personal with them while exercising.

they have them at Costco for $9.99

Are these hard enough to use as an office chair mat over carpet?

Different brand and 4 piece.

I see some for 69.99 on Costco, but did not find 9.99

At 25% thicker, I wouldn’t call that close.

What is the benefit of the extra 1/10th of an inch?

It is actually 1/5" but whatever.

The difference between .4 and .5 (1/2") is .1, also known as 1 tenth but whatever.

Well .4" is 20% less than .5" but that’s beside the point since most of the time the true measurement is metric and then converted and rounded to a imperial unit for the 3 countries still using it. It is further rounded to the nearest 1/4" or 1/2" because our populace is to illiterate to know how big 25/64" is.

Care to show your work on how you come up with 1/5"?

Also, care to answer the question? Or are incorrect snarky remarks your thing?

Sorry to interrupt this webisode of Epic Math Battles of Woot Snark History, but I have relevant information to add.

I like this brand, bout 3 the last woot and was pleased enough that I bought 6 more this time. That said, they aren’t 1/2 thick. That’s nominal, the way a lumber 2x4 is 1.5" thick.

I won’t tell you their actual thickness, as it varies - the mock raised-leaf pattern common in truck liners and other no-slip surfaces prevents that. I will estimate these at 9mm, or .354 inches. Fraction that however you’d like, but I prefer these to the competing brand I bought earlier.

Why? These are less stiff - my perception is that the spongier foam absorbs more energy, and so far, they return to form. Thicker isn’t neccessarily better - after all - if you are covering an 8" concrete slab with foam, ask yourself which is absorbing more impact, and which is translating more impact to your spongy water-filled carcass.

I am very pleased with these. If you want to visit a retail store, by all means, but it doesn’t mean you are getting a better product.

These are .4-.5" foam…so no not good for a chair mat. I use these with a folding chair in my basement and the weight of the chair alone leaves a dent. I can’t imagine if it was a desk chair that was rolling how hard it would be to move that chair.