Interlocking Foam Exercise Mat 6-Packs

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Interlocking Foam Exercise Mat 6-Packs
Price: $17.99
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Condition: New


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Amazon sells the EVA foam 24 sq ft CAP barbell puzzle mats with the border pieces for 9.99 and so does Walmart.You get six 24 x 24 1/2 thick mats just like these.

Personally, I wouldn’t buy ANY brand of these foam interlocking gym mats. All the ones I’ve come across are slippery on both sides and don’t hold up very well. I suppose if your just going to put a stationery bike/elliptical/treadmill on top it might be okay. But no bueno for any kind of active movement like lifting or cardio.

If you want something really durable, go to Tractor Supply and buy yourself a horse stall mat. Not that much more expensive and WAY more durable.

Foam armor building time!

I generally agree with you, but it depends a lot on what you’re doing with it. If you’re doing something like yoga or ground-oriented calisthenics, these will be softer and more comfortable than a horse mat. If you’re doing anything that requires durability (such as lifting), horse mat is absolutely the way to go.