Interlocking Foam Exercise Mat 6-Packs

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Interlocking Foam Exercise Mat 6-Packs
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Do you have to exercise if you buy these, or can I just sit on them & drink beer?

These are pretty thin and flimsy. I recommend only drinking light beer on them.

I bought two sets the last time around…my wife and I workout side by side and have no issues with slippage or flimsiness.

They border between being just the right size and a tad too small. We’re ordering two more today so that we’ll have a generously large workout area.

Note…we don’t put heavy weights or anything on them…just do various exercise DVDs.

“Each tile measures 24” x 24" x 1/2", covers 24 square feet total"

So that model is almost 8 feet tall… Wow!

Looks like she’s only using 3 mats.