Interlocking Grass Deck Tiles (18-Pack)

Are they all the same color?

Hey Woot Staff,
Can you confirm that these 12" grass tiles come with the edging strips? If so, how many edge strips per pack?
Is the pack 9 tiles and 9 edge strips or 18 tiles plus edge strips? Or 18 tiles and 0 edge strips?

I don’t believe these have edging strips. You simply trim and cut the exposed sides of the tiles on the edge.

Sorry for the late answer.

No edges. You can cut the tiles for a smooth edge.

From the vendor on the colors: They are all the same color though. The lighting is different in a few of our images which makes them appear different. And for the checkboard pattern, apparently that effect can be produced by placing them with the grain facing in opposite directions. It will look much more subtle in real life than it does in that photo though.

I purchased some. I can confirm the colors are the same. No edges.

If I have a 30’ x 15’ patio that I’d like to cover, how many packages of 18 would I need? Many thanks.

Could these be used over soil to make a pathway?

You’d probably have to stabilize the ground in some way.

25 packs of 18

Are the tiles weather protected? Can they be vacuumed to clean and what about moisture like dog mess if used for bathroom flooring inside? Would that be the wrong idea to use in bathroom floor?

30 x 15 = 450 square feet
each tile is 1 square foot
… so you need 450 tiles
there are 18 in a package, 450/18=25
…so you need 25 packages.*15%2F18

Hi comodoko. I answered that question up above. :slight_smile:

Do these shed like cut astroturf does?

Extremely disappointed in this product. The turf was falling out almost immediately and the interlocking edges do not present as pretty as the pictures. It would have been easier, cheaper, and better to have purchased a sheet of turf from a big box home improvements store. I would NOT recommend these squares unless you like throwing money away.

how many boxes it would take to cover both my floors and walls throughout my 3,236 SF house? I want to be surrounded by fake grass!!

Approximately 360 packs

Any details on harmful chemicals in these? For example, your anti-fatigue workshop foam tiles claim to be “Non-Toxic, tested FREE of Lead, BPA’s and Phthalates”.

These have no harmful chemicals per the vendor.