Your PREJUDICIAL NATURE is tuning you out from REALITY. This shirt is cool, you IMBECILE. And it is NOT RED.

Why woot and the voters would want to promote smoking is beyond me.

Nothing says fun like “candy cigarettes”!

i do not foresee many children sizes being sold.

remember, kids: cigarettes are ICKY!

Way to go, Ski!

The only refreshment this needs now is a cup of coffee :wink: to make it a modern movie reference at the same time as an old movie theatre refreshment reference XD

So retro, so truly American, so sad it ain’t this way any longer, except at those few Drive-Ins.

Nice concept, but wish it didn’t have the cigarettes.

Based on this:


Or possibly this:

Simpsons parody


Gotta love the half smile half, “Uhhh…who invited this guy,” look that the candy box has. Really, it’s the look which Mr. Candy gives that more than half sells the design.

Minus the cigs it would have been a win.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie into, best part of the movie.

Let’s go out to the lobby…let’s go out to the lobby!

From the tone of the comments here, the cigarettes really do represent that guy in the cinema queue we try very hard to ignore, even though we used to hang out all the time.

You beat me to it my good sir!

I don’t trust Mr Cigarette either… shifty eyes.

Since it is unlikely people will speak on behalf of the cigarettes, I guess that leaves it up to me.

As a member of the Smokers Alliance of America, I am offended by this shirt. The inclusion of soda and snacks in a clearly “smoke break” oriendted design may lead people to have the negative image that obesity and smoking are linked. I for one, though not a smoker but merely a defender of the smokers, am offended by this shirt.

mumbles geez…that’s gotta be the most awkward use of the offended person’s podium to date…

i can’t wait to wear this shirt and see how many people i can get singing that song, thus getting it stuck in their heads. mwahahahaha!!

That’s not a smile on poor Ciggy’s face. It’s the look of terror as he runs while slowly burning, trying to get Soda’s attention for some life saving liquid! Get out of the way you tub of buttery popcorn! Oh the smooth flavor humanity!