That is just SO funny! I think I’ve watched that hundreds of times. MUCH funnier than the actual movie ever was!

Am I the only one who actually noticed the expression on the candybox’s face? Seems so.

Smoking’s bad… you shouldn’t smoke. Mmkay.

Snacking, smoking and a midnight show…here we go. They all look like they’ve just finished the buy more concessions dance and are off for a break.

Does anyone know if you could actually buy cigarettes at movie theaters a long time ago? It wouldn’t surprise me too much lol.

Aww. I had my heart set on the lab equipment version…

The thing that will be most interesting is to see how many wooters have no qualms with the cigs in the first place. Because if this sells out (which, I’m all for, to support Ski), it’ll be telling of the audience.

I’m a former smoker and I like this shirt, but I also have a thing for shirts that look like kids shirts that secretly have a bad message.

I also remember being invited to the VIP section of a movie theater in Berkeley and being allowed to smoke there while I watched a movie. It was awesome.

A little Don Hertzfeldt anyone?


Wow, thats comedy these days? That blows.


…but I have to get one anyways. OCD with home theater stuff, ya know.


You could buy 'em and smoke them in your seat inside the theater while watching the movie. No problema.

I am amused that anybody thinks a cartoon caricature of a cigarette, especially one in a pack with legs, is possibly dangerous to anybody or seriously encourages smoking. Everybody knows it is peer pressure that promotes smoking, not a cartoon on a t shirt.

Nope I see it too. Best part of the shirt!!!

I have a group of old movie theater friends who would likely snatch this up in a heart beat…if they aren’t broke from spending all their money on cigarettes.

Let’s all go to the lobby, let’s all go to the lobby, let’s all go the lobby, to get ourselves a treat!

Delicious things to eat, the popcorn can’t be beat. The sparkling drinks are just dandy, the chocolate bars and nut candy. The cigarettes are fine, too bad there is no wine… So, let’s all go to the lobby, and get ourselves a treat!

Gonna be the same look I’ll give my wife while she is smoking. "Look honey doesn’t candy look weird on my shirt?..Huh?

I can’t understand the people who say that they would had liked this shirt if it wasn’t for the cigarettes. Don’t they realize that’s the whole joke of the design?

I live in New York and at the Indian Reserve that I always go to a carton is $20.00 so it’s really not that much. Also people seem to like to point out how much money smoking wastes as if it’s the only thing people normally waste money on. What about frivolous coffee drinkers?

A $4-$5 cup of coffee seems like much more of a waste to me, due to the fact that it’s a single moment of enjoyment.

Just to play devil’s advocate; if u drink a cup of Starbuck’s then that’s the equivalent to 2.5 packs of smokes for me.


This t-shirt has been rated PG for smoking by the MPAA.