Internet Explorer/FireFox problem


i’ve got a question for ya’s

i used to use IE all the time until my friend recommended i use FireFox because it has less pop-ups. So i have been using that for a while now. but every once in a while i would still get around 8 pop ups from IE when i open a FireFox window. that wasn’t really a big deal, just annoying.

but about an hour ago, while i was using FireFox, i started getting bombarded by IE pop-ups. i would get one every 4 seconds, and they wouldn’t stop. and they wouldn’t load anything, just a blank window. i ctrl-alt-del them but they would keep coming back, and i was forced to shut off the computer.

i started it back up, and now FireFox won’t load. any thoughts on what happened or how to fix it?

muchos merci


Hmm… you should disable use of IE thrug control panel-add remove programs-program access and defaults that should stop the IE problem. now you prob have a virus or somthing, rune a sweeop and use system restore/ reinstall firefox.


thanks Fen, i’ll give that a shot


Yea, it’s spyware/malware. Try and hit it with SpyBot and Adaware then check to see what else is running with WinPatrol. You may be able to identify a culprit that can’t be cleaned so search the Symantec or McAfee site or Google it to find removal instructions. If all else fails get the program Hijack This, generate a log, then post it to their forums for help.

I hope you don’t have to resort to formatting 'cause some of these things can be pretty persistent. I have had to in the past because it was just taking way too much time to fix.

When all is said and done, never use IE again, stick to Firefox and keep SpyBot or Adaware running and updated. Look into Anti-Virus software too. It’s good habits to get into and I haven’t had a hiccup on my PC in years. Oh, and stop downloading all the pr0n and mp3s!