Internet providers?

  1. Do cable companies (Spectrum) slow down your internet without telling you? Why is the speed super fast when they are at my house then it slows way down a few days later?

  2. What is the best Mesh TriBand Router?

ISP throttling is a thing. Not saying that’s happening in your case, but it could be.

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Read up on comparisons.

So ISP’s are forced to be more honest than others.
For example. We have no internet options where we just moved…
Frontier came into our area right before this COVID thing. We got it… so now we have both Hughesnet and Frontier. We will drop Hughesnet and pay the ETF as soon as society settles down a bit.
My point is… Frontier is DSL, internet thru phone line… They disclose the minimum speed not the maximum speed and it pretty stable where we are. The neighbor has 22 Mbps and we have 19 Mbps. Now before the move we had Cable internet, they would boost about their max speeds and we never came close.
It’s like when it’s slower internet, they are more careful, because many providers got sued for over promising and under delivering. My dad was part of a class action suite and the provider is being forced to over service their area for like 25 years because or these type of dealings…
Its all so confusing.

Bless your heart. Spectrum is absolutely terrible. Slow downs could be because of increased use at specific times. Happens to me a lot.