Intro to Growing Hydroponic Wheatgrass



Intro to Growing Hydroponic Wheatgrass


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It’s just not a woot-off anymore without the wheatgrass!


I guess it’s time to do some work. Check back in a couple hours for some wine.


my initial reaction was, my cat would love to poop in there. Then I realized it wasn’t a litterbox, but my conclusion was the same.


Any chance of a hydroponic “grass” grass growing system? :wink:


We did this back in the 70’s. Remember the 70’s?
Stuff taste like crap. Just have a V8 instead.


What is the drinking window on this?


What is the vintage? What about a good pairing to go with it? Should I age it first or drink it now?


Does this work with a Mac?


People are actually buying this?


Hmmm…might be good for growing something other than wheatgrass. Just sayin’


Not being a ruminant, I’m not sure what purpose this is for me as a (sub)human, but I might get a set for my chickens!


5lbs of Wheatgrass on Amazon is around 21.50 with shipping; the Azomite fertilizer is around 10.00 with free shipping. For those that want to you can feed this to your pet(s), juice it (as for the drinking window…fresh wheatgrass should be consumed almost immediately after juicing- it breaks down rather quickly and loses it’s nutritional value-if it has never been tasty, imo- so add your own custom flavors), or just use it as a funky decoration…