Introducing Your Contenders for Derby #131: Palindromes

Is this supposed to be here?

Edit: Hooray it made it over to the right place!!!

Now, where are the shirts?

Someone’s using the wrong credentials!

Two star rats? Color me very shocked, shocked I say!

Oops, looks like someone thought “shirt” wasn’t needed for their url when they published this post.

Whoa! What happened to Taco Cat? I was SURE that one was going to make it . . . it seemed quite beloved. Oh well, I am still happy that “Live Not on Evil” made it! Crossing fingers and hoping for a chance to buy!!

Great contenders list. I am sad Tacoat isn’t here, but Im also happy that the moon ratties made it in :slight_smile: These are the times when I wish there were more than 3 places. There’s just too many good things!

Am I the only one that can never see the list when it’s posted like this? I just see an empty post followed by people talking about the entries.

seems to be a random distribution of who can and who can’t. I can’t see it on my machine but my mom gets it on hers. If you click the blog link in the sidebar, it’ll all show up there.

Neither will print, I think. They were both bouncing in and out of the fog up to the last few hours, warring with Omni’s Taco Cat.

I might be dropping $10-$30 this week…

I hope for Drakxxx, Patrickspens, and cmdixon2.

Thats really weird.

Maybe they hate us for being in Washington.



I see another cat shirt in my future. Go Stack Cats!

Oh . . . oh . . . you have given me hope!!! Thank you friend . . .

You are most welcomed, friend. :smiley:

Hey, if I buy two or three shirts this weekend maybe my box will go to another color! I haven’t shirt-wooted in a while and my box is looking old. XD

Go Drakxxx!
Go jewelwing!
Go ricecupcake!

The rest of you can bugger off. >( Except tanniniver. Yours is good too, but I’m not a fan of rodents enough to wear them. =( I’m pretty sure bass will offer a small fortune for those kinds of designs though, so you’re in luck. Lulz.

really? you saw ramy’s rats out of the fog? really?

You just made me happy if that’s true. almost happy enough to ignore that stack cats and i prefer pi will still win despite being unforgivabad.

You have to click on the blog thread to the right to see them.

I know I saw it in and out of the fog in the last few hours which means it had to have been in the lower five of the nine. Tan’s rats were jumping, too. Actually, I thought they wouldn’t make it.

I like patrickspens’s cats…but I have to agree with the pi shirt. It involves too much thinking for a shirt XD

I never saw ramy’s “rats” out of the fog… but here’s hoping!

What was with all the Star Wars references this derby anyway?