Introducing Your Contenders for Derby #171: Meat

My Money is on That Robert and Walmazan and Bassanimation! Go for the gold!

So two unicorn shirts, two steak shirts, and two hot dog shirts. Now I know what everyone eats here at woot

Awww, thanks, but I was a Johnny Come-Lately to the fog. No 'corn print for me I’m afraid.

But, I’d say we’ll get Boots’ 'corn print, ThatRobert, and Robbie’s hotdog!

Speaking of meat, I think I’ll go have some beef Pho in honor of the fleshy wrap-up. :slight_smile: Good luck everyone!

I totally misread this! I seriously thought you wrote, “spanking of meat”

Aww, the turkey didn’t make the cut. That’s a shame.

Now, now, none of that here…at least not today. Maybe tomorrow. :smiley:

THIS… is a quality post!!!

Make it so, qp maker person of Woot.

q.p.=king size Snickers bar per the Woot filter maker of Woot.

Wooters eat Unicorn?!?!

I know you are probably busy, but it seems entering late is your biggest down fall. It seems that too many times you have sub something that people go head over heels for; however, it is sub in too late to acquire the votes needed to print. :frowning:

Oh yes, I realize my timing is poor. Unfortunately there are several factors involved, the biggest being health crud :[. I like to enter for the artist interaction, plus it is a chance to do some fun art that isn’t job-related :D.

Ah well. I wander in the Land of Slowness and Pain ^^;. Sorry for any disappointment to anyone. All I can do is try my best and have fun with it.

I believe the latest shirt to ever print at woot (or certainly one of the 5 latest, if not) is also currently in a neck-and-neck rumble for the top-seller in woot history. People regularly fog and print with designs that are entered a day or two later. It is difficult to use words like “good” or “worth it” at woot to explain why someone does or doesn’t vote, but the fact is, if people want a shirt bad enough, and the designer gets it done before the weekend has breathed its last, it will print.

Arg, lucky1988! So close. :^(