Introducing Your Contenders for Derby #173: Build Your Own Robot

Solid Fog.

Great line-up, good luck guys!

I was going to go to bed early tonight! Darn awesome derby line up…

I will preface my comments by admitting that I adore robots on t-shirts. I’ve endured plenty of teasing from my partner about the number of robots in my wardrobe. So when this week’s theme was announced, I was both excited and dreading the prospect of my wallet being $30 lighter by Sunday morning.

That being said, the most I can foresee myself dropping is $20 this weekend, and even that’s a maybe. Robbie and Boot’s designs are lovely, but neither are my favourite work from either artist. (I love Roger’s charming design, but with its slip in and out of the fog last minute, I have little hope for it.)

You’d think I’d learn my lesson, Woot, and stop getting excited for derbies ever. :confused: Yet like an Alabama housewife, I just keep coming back for you to break my heart and bloody my nose over and over again …

You stole the words right out of my mouth.

Yep, decent fog. Unfortunate that Walmazan’s and Kaseyfleming’s designs didn’t do better though, but a solid crop.


  1. Bioluminescence
  2. Bioluminescence
  3. Bioluminescence

If woot decides that is impossible, then:

  1. Bioluminescence
  3. Slave to Technology (moustache and monocle? gold!)


  1. Robot Zombies!
  2. Bioluminescence (too hopeful?)
  3. The Gift

I do agree with this. I would have bought Slave to Technology, but it’s not gonna print. I would buy Bioluminescence in a heartbeat. I might buy Boots’ and Drakxxx’s/CD’s designs, but I’m not entirely sure yet.

I didn’t get to see the other submits, but I am suprised to NOT see any FullMetal takes on this. I was sure Alphonse would show up somewhere…bummed.

No pop culture robots allowed this derby.

Isn’t he also less of a robot and more of an enchanted suit of armor? May be wrong I’d have to ask my brother who built a suit of it :S

Thanks again for the support everyone and good job everyone in the fog, had a great turnout :slight_smile:

Quality post!

Am hoping for pocket protector (and my first cranberry shirt) to show up one night!

18XX Rogue Gears, The Gift, Robot Zombies, slave to technology, Making Friends, and Bioluminesence all have respectable chances of taking my money this weekend. And the other three designs are solid, just not what I’d wear. God. I really think this is the best Derby ever since I’ve been around woot, at least. And a Double-Take/EC week is probably just around the corner, too.

At least I’m getting paid tomorrow. :slight_smile:

hey thanks! youre charminger.

I really hope Robotron Wreaks Havoc prints. I would buy that shirt.

Congrats to all that printed, yet I am so disappointed that Tjost’s piece didn’t print. HM please… wink wink :slight_smile:

I bought 1st and 2nd and I would’ve bought places 4 through 6 in a heartbeat.

A very good week, it’s just a shame there are always great designs that miss out. :^(