Introducing Your Contenders for Derby #176: Famous Movie Quotes Reinterpreted

Gotta tell ya…I sure wish “This One Goes to Eleven”, either version, had made it to the fog & contenders list. I’d be in for three and I’d need to open a new account to get the other three I’d need to buy. Sadness. Props to some of the contenders, though…“Rosebud” will be a “must-buy” for my wife & sis-in-laws, and “Say Hello” will pick up some love.

Niiiiice… what a good fog. There are more than 3 in there that would get my money.

That is a prime example of how trying to two versions of a shirt is an awful idea. One cannibalizes the other. I’m not saying it would have necessarily printed, but two versions shot it in the foot.

Also, random, but the use of quotations around “must-buy” makes it not true, as in you will not buy. Sorry, I am just in proofing mode here at work. o_O

Quite a good set of foggers! Really loving CMDixon’s peice…so nice.

Suddenly I realize my word choice might be awkward… Oh well, what’s life without some awkward? :stuck_out_tongue:

Great stuff, everyone!


Congrats to all the artists!

No worries…but that smiley-face lager is a little distubring! I have a firm rule against drinking anything that emotes! I’ll be more careful tonight…don’t want my Guinness smiling at me! :slight_smile:

BTW…agreement with your point…I’m pretty certain that 11 would’ve sold out…iff (the logic term, not the spelling error) we could only turn back the clocks and add all those votes to one…sadness.