Introducing Your Contenders for Derby #180: Complementary Colors

I am extemely interested to see if the Tea Shirt made it to the top three. That would be amazing.
Predicting a “Little Red riding bug” win.

I’m betting on the following line up for the winners’ circle:

1.Little Red Riding Bug
2. Ancestry
3. Inktopus

Other predictions?

fingers crossed

This is my third derby in a row as a contender, but no print yet!
Third time’s the charm?

Here’s hoping! I’m just honored to be in the top 9, this derby has been full of some great designs.

i think you gotta winner!!!

If you do not win, there will be much anger.

me too, just glad to share such great company. fungusamuongus, i’d say you made derby history with your rocket to the top

If people choose to offer congratulations to the winner, it’s because they are being what is commonly known as, “Good Sports.”

I can understand though how politeness in any form would elude you. So let me say in advance, your welcome for explaining this particular facet of interpersonal communication to you.

Good show, good show.

Ah, no first place for me. Congrats SG!

Thanks Brett. I have a good feeling you’ll see your first derby print this weekend. :^)

I honestly didn’t expect to see mine up today. Pop-culture shirts are equally loved or hated, this is my first taste of the controversy. :stuck_out_tongue: From my point of view it’s a product of being a fan and making something you hope other fans will really like (concept and art-wise). From some people’s perspective it’s the nefarious unholy power of pandering.

Thanks bluejester for the thoughtful post.

You’re welcome and congrats on the print. (Was totally in for one)

So far it, although my order of victory was off, I’ve been right about the winners circle.

Ancestry was, in my opinion, and awesome nod to the original tron while still having the odd ball humor that brought me to woot in the first place.

Inktopus (Congrats radiomode!) is whimsical and fun.

Here’s hoping my other guess of Little Red Riding Bug comes true. I love the way the ladybug pops out so strikingly among such detailed plant life.

Thanks, glad you liked it! No such luck, unfortunately.

The fact that Little Red Riding Bug didn’t make it is a tragedy, and while I don’t have anything that bad to say about the winners, anyone that didn’t vote for LRRB and voted for one of the others instead should be ashamed.

Oh no way… I am beyond speechless, I won’t be speaking for several days in fact. I am so shocked and amazed and ecstatic to have gotten my first shirt.woot. print!

I would have slapped down $15+ for any of the shirts in this top nine, and I’m incredibly thankful for everyone who supported and voted for my design.

Lots of beautiful stuff here that didn’t make it this time :(. I hope a lot of you will resubmit these designs to other venues after their Woot hold is up. Bsweber, I think the LRRB would do extremely well at Threadless :).

Great stuff all around guys.