Introducing Your Contenders for Derby #181: Mazes and Labyrinths

Go Goblin King!

Some very sweet designs, I have my heart set on Guardians of the Labyrinth. Ohhh I want that one bad.


Pretty strong set! I’m rooting for Forbidden Fruit, The Key, and Guardians!

Jareth, Jareth, Jareth! XD

Congrats all!

I’m thankful for all the support and really happy to have a design which was well received. Even if it doesn’t print I’d be a bit disappointed but happy that it did so well.

I’m actually glad that the majority of the fog are designs by artists that aren’t always foggin’ it up. (At least I think so.) It’s always nice to have some variety.

Personally, I’m rooting for Goblin King and City Planner. I think Stapler is a shoo-in for first, though.

It’s definitely my first time here and the process has been a lot of fun and a little nerve wracking. Mine arrived late to the party so a print is unlikely. I feel Guardians is the strongest of the bunch, even if it doesn’t score a top spot and would also like to see Shortcut printed.

Variety doesn’t mean good, though, as this fog proves. I love seeing new names in the fog too, but only when the art attached to them is decent.

It looks like Guardians was on the bottom near the end of voting, which is ludicrous because it’s pretty inarguably top-3 material. Second best already took first (and while Michael Evans seems to be Deadfrog’s “legitimate art” handle, it doesn’t change that he has won a number of times prior). And with the other 7 being inconceivably “meh”, I have to hope that City Planner pulls it out as the best of the rest, and whatever the third option is is just not TOO painful.

I don’t get how Misskari is always coming up short in the derbies. She’s got a really clean style, fun characters and a great sense of color. If by some miracle, Guardians ended up in one of the top three spots, I’d be extremely pleased.

Adder, I agree with a lot of the comments in this thread that feel Guardians should print of any of the designs here and said so in my earlier post. Your lumping together of all the designs you don’t deem worthy came across as somewhat dismissive and cursory. Like a lot of people here I invested heavily in getting my submission up, and I’m sure when you have subbed designs, tried to make something that was more than “decent” and not anything "inconceivably “meh” " or “painful”. As my first time in the fog with a design that went up relatively late, I admit to being pleased with the design outcome and the recognition it has received from voters. I imagine that others in the fog, or who may have been the recipients of other such remarks from you, may see it as a direct attempt to diminish their achievements. I’ll continue to support your efforts to promote originality and creative integrity in the derbies, but not your self-imposed role as arbiter of what should and should not print. Give every Woot voter the opportunity each week to choose their three top shirts to wear from a derby and there are only going to be so many who choose the same three. That is the nature of personal taste and that’s the nature of the derbies.