Introducing Your Contenders for Derby #185: Things That Start with the Letter T

Congrats, all!
I’ll take one Taco, one Thunderbird and one Toucan to go, please. KThx.

^ I couldn’t agree with you more!

Oh neat, my first time finishing in the fog, and all it took was the last-minute rejection of the two designs above me.

(P.S.: Go Walmazan and cmdixon!)

Seconds on the Taco and the Toucan. But I’d like a side of Tofu!!!

That triceratops is really growing on me. The little guy just looks so darn happy. I’ll take one of those to go with my Toucan and Taco.

Yeah, I’m rooting for Taco, Toucan, and Triceratops…

Thunderbird is probably inevitable.

I’m gonna poop grenades if we don’t get Toucan…@_@;

Also love the Taco and her sweety sauce!

Nice work everyone!

Kudos to cmdixon2 for having two entries make it to the finals.

And good luck to omnitarian and any other 1st timers in the fog of war!

Those two statements go hand in hand! All you gotta do is eat the taco and hot sauce, and then you’ll be pooping grenades!

Yes, I agree, and I’m so happy for see omnitarian here!

Congrats Omnitarian! It might be a long-shot, but I’m holding out hope for a print for the TriceraTops and the Tofu this weekend.

Congratulations to everyone who made it and particularly omnitarian. Definately holding out for toucan. Undecided about tacos as I get enough food on my clothes without having it printed there as well (Another great design walmazan). This is also my second time finishing in the fog. It’s been there since Day 1, but I’m not entirely sure how Trigonometree finished in the top nine considering all the other popular designs battling for a spot. It’s been fun anyway.

Dang, all those turtles and not one in the top spots.

Will be SO, so sad if Tesla and The Time Lord don’t make it, but it makes me happy as a clam to see it make the top nine all the same. Other I’m rooting for would be Taco, of course. C:

Toucan is an instant purchase. I need some lemon in my wardrobe. GL Chris.

I like the tucan, but my skin still has a slight yellowish tinge. So I’m hoping for tacos at midnight. The wife is hoping for Trig tree to win.