Introducing Your Contenders for Derby #186: Oddball

My guess as to top three in no particular order:

-Smart Cookie
-You Weren’t Invited
-Acquired Taste

Anyone else want to take a stab at it?

I like your picks. “Odd bear out” was in the fog early, it may be in top three, but I haven’t followed this derby too closely.

I think stardamsel has a fair shot at it.

Interesting derby…more change to the top few after Monday than in some.

To borrow some wording from my friend BassAnimation… Will seriously poop grenades if You Weren’t Invited isn’t in the top three. Very happy to see what got first place, the other I’m pulling for is the clover~ C:

Get to poopin’ those grenades. Poop some for me (cuz, wow, that sounds so not fun).

lol… I should have gone with pandas :slight_smile:

Don’t you worry, I was pooping a mountain of them over that not making it! Poor little shirtie, ;___; Still, congrats to all that made it!

NEVAR! That thing was just brilliant, I need it so bad you have no idea~ There were enough pandas in this derby, this was just perfection. C: