Introducing Your Contenders for Derby #187: Retro Audio: Records, Tapes, and CDs

As long as “How it really worked” prints I’ll be happy.

“Sounds like Hell” is also currently participating in another online shirt contest. I believe that makes it ineligible to be in the top 10?

It is a nice shirt, but I don’t think a design can participate in the derby and also another site at the same time. Please clarify if I’m wrong @_@;.

First derby and they already break the contract (of both sites I assume). Off to a great start… Kind of sad because I liked that design, but I can’t support negligence.

that’s too bad…I really like the shirt, but it can’t be in two places at once

tsk, tsk.

I’m damn disappointed that odysseyroc’s design didn’t stay in the fog / win.

Although I’m a fan of some of the contenders there aren’t really any designs I really want to buy.


This derby was just an excuse to print Invasion as a surprise daily on Monday, right?

I need Hell, I need Emergency. I need Mythos. Please vote accordingly. o-0

Never say never. Maybe not this sub; but a rockin’ tee from Oddd and Draxxx is here:

I’m definitely going to buy the ript shirt. (even said so a couple posts above you 8P )

Still disappointed about 2 turntables, I’m really hoping for a hm and print next double take / editors choice round

Betting we got Imposter 2.0 because “Sounds like Hell” is up for voting at another site and got itself knocked out after the top nine selection.


Yes plz.