Introducing Your Contenders for Derby #188: Double-Take Derby 12

if that toucan doesn’t win this weekend, it better be an editor’s choice for the following week or you and i are going to have an altercation, woot. i want that shirt in my closet. now.

kthx. :slight_smile:

This is probably the worst DT derby I can remember.

That’s because sticking out didn’t win. Seriously that shirt needs to be printed. sob

Unstealthiest Ninja, Epic Fire Safety, Toucan, Scoville, Self-Expression, T-Rex Sword Fight, and Another Dimension are all wearable and buyable for me. So with my luck (as it has been with all double-takes) You Weren’t Invited and Feathered Friends will be the top 2.

Not that I don’t like those designs either, I just wouldn’t wear them. I do have a friend I would buy both for, though.

On the whole, though, I think I liked this Double-Take. I hope Toucan prints the most.

Fingers crossed for Another Dimension! My fish buddies at home have their fins crossed too!

Another Dimension, Toucan for top two, and either You Weren’t Invited or Self-Expression for third are my calls this week. I wish Sticking Out had made it though…

No Strips are Flattering? D;
Please EC. It’s amazing!

Just tell me these are not in any order.
I have to have the leaping fish and toucan.

Oh man… no toucan again?? NoooOOOoooOooo!!!
(Thinking it will probably be an EC?)

Congrats to Dooomcat and Stardamsel! I’m very sad that I won’t have a fishy shirt though! I know there is much sadness over no toucan as well. So many great entries, so many talented people!

Seems a lot of people feel the same way. Although I had a design in the fog, I was genuinely hoping to see cmdixon’s Toucan about as much as my design each day waiting for the new shirt to appear. I don’t see another design that deserves an EC as much as that technicolor bird.

Thanks so much guys, it means a lot. I’m sad for my toucan, but I’m sure I’ll find a home for him someday. :frowning: