Introducing Your Contenders for Derby #189: Woodland Animals

Squirrel, Skunk, Foxes, not necessarily in that order.

Since im pretty certain I did not place top 3 (99.9% so) im going with:

I will not blend, Cosmic Eagle and Another sleepless day…in no particular order

My predictions:

“I’m Not Contagious, I Swear”



“Another Sleepless Day”

in that order.

My desired picks and order:

“Another Sleepless Night”

“I Will Not Blend”

and a “Making Changes/It’s a Bird!” tie.

Congrats to all the artists to fogged.

at this point, I’m so filled with apathy towards woot, I honestly don’t care. Nor will I be back to check this weekend.

I wouldn’t go so far as Jestik (what’s wrong dude?) but this derby pretty much left me feeling like no matter who won, we all lost. Cosmic Eagle is my one shining beacon of hope here.

Sorry, cutesy stuff is generally not my cup of tea.


I’m guessing Oopsies, Playful Foxes… and something else. Hopefully Cosmic Eagle, but I doubt it.

Really liked It’s a Bird. So sad to see it dropped out, but happy it ended in the top 9. I hope it receives an HM!

I really hope we don’t get another theme like this again. My mockery skills are being strained.

Saving my money this week, what an easy choice to not buy anything.

I will probably buy Jewelwing’s if it prints, but I am not optimistic. It is 1 more than I was expecting to like, considering the theme.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure paigeg has this one nailed, and most likely actually in that order too.

I’m 90% confident “I’m not contagious” And “Oopsies” will print, most likely in that order.

My wish for 3rd is either “I will not blend”, “Another sleepless day”, or “Making some changes.”

Of those three, I think “I will not blend” and “Another sleepless day” have the best chance of placing, but will most likely be 3rd and I’m really thinking “playful foxes” is going to be 3rd.

Oh well, I’ve bought way too many shirts lately so I can use the weekend off.

I’m also pretty sure Woot was not hoping for super cute designs with this derby idea. At least not the ones we got. Possibly along the styles of “Bambi” or South Park’s “Woodland family Christmas” but not this same old tired cuteness. I think “I will not blend” and/or “Making some changes” are more the style they were looking for out of the designs in the fog.

Really? I was thinking it was more like an “Okay, guys. Get this out of your system and get ready to buckle down.”

At least that was my take on it.

Yeah! Congrats on the print Jasneko. Love your work here.

Well step one on being shocked! Wow! Congrats JAS!

I’m glad Jasneko won… I wasn’t feeling very optimistic about the shirts this weekend.

I’d like to see I will not blend and Making some changes print as well.

I’d rather not have skunk & squirrel print.

Knew squirrel would print. I really think Skunk is going to print too but I was surprised by first place. Hopefully we get another surprise tomorrow!

Thanks bluejester, renegadetim, and genericsmith! I was mighty shocked too, with the contenders I thought it likely Another Sleepless Day wouldn’t make it, let alone get first place… a great surprise! Glad y’all approve:)

Well, it looks like I got two out of three right.

Congrats to all the winners, good job and nice shirts.