Introducing Your Contenders for Derby #191: Robots Save the World

Congrats to the contenders!

Hoping for these winners:

-Alien vs Robot

Even though I really like Fate of the Planet, there were smart, non-rude comments, about how the design seemed awesome–but like game art. It is awesome stuff, but once that was mentioned, it occurred to me that I was likely to get a lot of “Cool, what game is that from” comments about it. Anyway, my guess for actual winners is as follows:

-Fate of the Planet
-Alien vs. Robot

Likely in that order too.

Can’t wait to see who ends up in the winners’ circle.

All things considered, this is one of the stronger all-around fogs in a while. I love robot shirts and I’d seriously consider buying most of these. I just have my doubts that those are the ones that will print.

Hoping hard for:

Don’t Look Back
Robot vs. Alien
To the Clouds

I agree. Best one I think I have seen actually.

I agree. The 2 in the fog I want to win are Rotation and Alien vs Robots.
Fate of the planet is a cool piece of art and I really like how it looks just not good for a T-Shirt. I would love to buy it for a wall scroll.

I’m just stoked we got robots. I totally need more robot shirts.


I’m so glad to see this derby, there are some great designs. Just this one week could we please go for COOL, instead of CUTE?

Nice selection…I bet one or two of the rglee129, cmdixon2 and patrickspens triumvirate will print but I find myself liking the moods of Don’t Look Back, I’ve Got You and Rotation.

Looks like that is one I’ve got the first one right.

Congrats Patrickspens.

Rotation, Rotation, Rotation please!

Congrats PatricksPens… dude just churns out winners after winners. Could throw in a Charlie Sheen quote here for cheap laughs(groans at this point) but PatricksPens is so far above Sheen now it wouldn’t even make sense.

That design is ridiculous, and until seeing the zoomed in details, didn’t think it was printable. Not my cup of tea, but a great/amazing piece of art. This will sell out, fast!

Also, this derby seems to have brought out the big guns… These designs are far better than what came out of the recent Robots derby.

I really really want rotation! All the rest are great, but rotation really struck me

fingers crossed!

I thought FUNimation’s choice was announced at noon today?

It has been, look over to the right hand side. It was Mirai by Bassanimation, it will be printing for the weekend, and the artist is donating all her earnings to Red Cross. Very noble thing to do Bass, and congrats!

In other news, today’s shirt may not sell out. 681 votes is really quite low for a derby win, especially with extra hype around it. Maybe wooters aren’t really big fans of robots afterall.

However, now that two of the 9 in the fog are printing, that gives us all an extra chance to buy one of our favorite shirts! I’d assume Funimation’s favorite means that it didn’t place, but who knows. I guess if it placed it’d be eligible for the reckoning. Doubt Woot would run the special print they are though if it placed in the top 3. Good for us though! Extra shirt!

Please let me buying Rotation in 5 minutes! This is the best this little(or should I say big in this case) robot has done, and I’ve wanted to wear him since I first saw him!

Small consolation would be “To the Clouds” or “Don’t look back”. W.W.Z is also a great design, just not my style for a shirt and of course Rglee’s robots are always amazing. This derby had a lot of competition and very few total votes. I bet these are all very close in votes.

7th place and not all that close. Thanks though–we’ll get 'em next time.

Midgerock was robbed.

Midgerock had two strong offerings this week and it was a shame rglee’s resubmitted resubmission didn’t climb higher considering the strong composition and great color choice. I make a point of stearing clear of ramy’s work and the rabid fanbase, but it looks like support for what is essentially an underwhelming web comic took a print from other sought-after designs. Let’s see who gets a HM.

lots of close votes and the 2 designs I really liked did not even have a chance to print. Rather tick at the 2nd place one because I do not feel it even should of been in the fog.

they should do another one were the artist name is not even told and if the artist comes out the design is auto rejected.