Introducing Your Contenders for Derby #193: Catchy Slogans for Everyday Products

Ski, Boots, Drakxx, thatrobert, any combo of the above gets $30 from me this weekend.

Thanks for including me! I don’t think I have much of a chance. Boots is a sure thing and Ski has an excellent chance. My guess the 3rd would be Ramyb’s gummies.

I would buy any shirt up there… except the coffee one. I love coffee, but “curing the mondays” killed it for me.

Yep. Ramy will strike again, as usual.

Really hoping for a soapy print. It won’t arrive fast enough for this weekend’s MoCCA Festival, but comic convention season is only just getting started, and I feel this PSA is an absolute necessity.

As usual I forgot to vote so without prejudice or fear of influence I’ll comment on these contenders:

  • Coffee - “curing the Mondays?” This is the kind of humor the Simpsons make fun of. And they started in the '80s.

  • Hotcakes - great retro design. A good thing, too, since the basic gag here has been around forever as one of those “imponderables”. But enough of a twist and that great art to make this the best of the litter. But is that orange really that red?

  • Sombreros - yer doin’ it wrong

  • Raisins - more an assertion than a slogan, innit? And haven’t we seen enough cookies on blue?

  • Ladders - tortured zombie reference, no sale

  • Soap - would have been better without the sentence. Still 3rd place

  • Tea - nonsensical slogan, unfathomable art. I like it. 2nd place

  • Gummies - again, not a slogan. And that font is the new comic sans

  • Books - a little bit too Wireless Catalog for me

There are 3 shirts here that I would LOVE to buy. And 2 shirts that I would NEVER buy.

So how much money will Woot get from me this weekend, I wonder?

probably twice. Woot loves coffee and bad shirts, and both his tees have at least one, if not both, of these elements

Looks like I called #'s 3-5 instead of the top 3. Surprised to see neither Boots nor Ramyb print. You can’t underestimate the length of time in the fog as probably the primary predictor. Another reason to lose sleep on Thursday nights if you want a chance to print!