Introducing Your Contenders for Derby #196: Amusement Parks

So this is the first time in a while that Ramyb is not on the contenders list. Did I miss something?

He didn’t enter.

My weekly commentary, hidden away here where nobody looks.

It’s interesting how many entrants heard “amusement park” and immediately thought “cheesy carnival”. Also interesting that the carnival seems to welcome cats, dogs, and rabbits.

Water ride - this may be among the strangest designs I’ve seen in contention. It reminds me of an illustration out of a really odd and fanciful children’s book but as a T-shirt it wouldn’t be worth the hours spent trying to explain it. Also, the cycle depicted is not really closed, is it?

Kitty - sure, it’s pandering to the cats-are-superior crowd, but well done for that. Like the bunny variation, it Doesn’t really scream “amusement park” to me – more like “eccentric old lady’s parlor”. In fact this would work with plain flat mirrors too – how cats and dogs see themselves.

Bumper Cop - it’s like a Readers’ Digest cartoon on a shirt! A pretty good cartoon, if you like people “reading” your shirt for the joke.

Goldfish - ah, the memories of school carnivals and taking home our “prizes” in a plastic bag. Mom and Dad were so thrilled! A nice combination of nostalgia, a clever twist, and the right amount of detail for a shirt. Third best of the week.

Bunnies - Three mirrors, four bunnies, the reflections don’t really “match” the subjects correctly, for me. The plain mirrors in a dark room doesn’t exactly scream “amusement”. Cute concept but fails in the execution.

Evil park - yikes! This is grahpically striking even if it doesn’t quite gell - I keep wondering why that sea captain is holding a balloon and what all those snakes are at the bottom.

Wooden coaster - I’m glad this made it into the final nine - the American Eagle rollercoaster that inspired this was also my first “grown up” coaster; this design captures that impossible-looking nature of a big woodie (control yourself, Beavis) seen from ground level. I don’t know if this will print (more likely the cop one), but if it does there are a bunch of coaster enthusiasts elsewhere on the web who will scoop it up. Second best of the week.

Baloons - Garanimals colors with the very Woot-like cute/horrifying theme mixture. “Wear this shirt if: you are on your way to the Evil Clown convention”.

Flight - Along with the wooden roller coaster, this is the most successful evokation of a “real” amusement park in the bunch. I could see this as a storyboard from a Pixar film. My only reservation would be whether the shirt-printing process can do it justice. Still, clearly the best of the week.

A lot of people didn’t enter. There was a relatively low number of submissions compared to recent derbies. Maybe they were still playing Portal 2 or just got caught up in the royal wedding excitement.

I’ll put the blame on this, even if it’s not true, especially since I’m wearing the Cheese shirt today.

I keep wondering what “grahpically” means. I’m so confused.

I thought that was a ferris wheel and some stylized roller coaster tracks but it turns out you’re right. Here’s an excerpt from the story it’s based on.

“With a stylish helm, Carney steered his little ship, powered by the little people that the Medusa figurehead consumed, across the amusement park releasing 99 red balloons.”

Hmm, who knew.

I really, really hope Boots places on this one. I love Jamie’s work and was very disappointed when she was shafted. Twice in a row. Lord Vader would not want.