Introducing Your Contenders for Derby #198: Shirt Titles Reinterpreted

Well I know that The Dandy Lion, One of those days, You’ll Catch Your Death, and Rock Paper Dragon are in the bottom half for sure based on the constant dropping out of the fog.

I think King of the Beasts and Nothing Wasted are in the top 3 for sure.

Flora and Phonograph probably will win as well, but Deep Blue Space and In the World of Black and White seemed pretty popular, so it’s really hard to call at this point.

Great Derby Race, though I wish You’ll Catch Your Death had printed.

:confused: Well, no matter what prints I won’t be spending any money. None of these really appeal to me, though King of the Beasts is a beautiful design. So…Go BASS!


Let’s go, noir panda!

Congrats to the contenders though I’m a tad disappointed that Northern Lights and Ablaze didn’t make the cut. I absolutely loved those designs - very beautiful and wearable.

I was unsure at first about this derby theme, but once the submissions started coming in I was really liking the different directions the designs went. Unfortunately it wasn’t in the fog the whole time but I had hoped Naolito’s ‘One of those days’ would score a top spot.

If we can snag a Flora and Phonograph print tomorrow, not only will it be an incredible come from behind against far more mass-market junk ideas, but it will probably be the best-case-scenario this derby. Three solid shirts based off three other solid shirts, meaning that all $3200 awarded (since gentry says he wouldn’t make an extra $100) went to people who deserved it.