Introducing Your Contenders for Derby #199: Cyberpunk

Hey, salsa city refogged. Neat!

On a less neat note, am I the only one tired of people using speech bubbles to circumvent the “no text” rule? This week it’s a QR code, and I know Patrick has done it twice (for the same basic type of design, no less - zombies communicating their love/lack of love of brains). Could we nix the speech bubbles too? They feel like a cheap workaround


Still a hatin’ on how certain things that are an obvious off-theme get passed through because the certain artist that did it is a proven seller. But as has been said about this one before; “haters will be a hatin’…” Suppose it’ll simply be another proud little proven experiment for him.

I think Punk Girl Beatdown, Cyber Rider, and unfortunately Overkill will win. I would prefer Sunset or 3037 to beat out Overkill.

I’d love for any of them to beat Overkill. It’s so horribly off-topic it’s not funny. The fact it wasn’t rejected really disappoints me.

Gimmie some sunset!

I’m seeing a distinct and unfortunate lack of real cyberpunk atmosphere here. A nod to the theme, but not really getting to the heart of it. Or even close in some cases (cough overkill and chunk city)

But to be honest, after being a woot member for a couple years, I expected no less. At least some of these tshirts are actually good, ignoring the theme

My guesses:



-Cyber Bun Bun

Not really sure what order, but I am looking forward to a Robbie robot print this weekend.

I know people are bemoaning the fact that you’ve got the non-cyber punk feeling Ramby one that’s in the top nine, but I’ve got a feeling that it will be beaten out by the other bunny.

The Cyber Bun one may be a bunny, but I think that the fact it looks like a logo will have one geeks over.

Of course this is all speculative. But we’ve got about ten minutes to see how this actually all plays out.

This derby was an enormous disappointment.

1/3 so far.

This is usually why I tend to avoid looking at derby contenders: it means knowing another damn cutesy anthropomorph played to the plebs and got printed instead of amazing, unique, beautiful art.

Can we just ban “cute” for a while? Pretty please?

Yeah I was so excited to see the cyberpunk theme, but what happened? I think people need to learn what cyberpunk really is.

I’m holding out hope for Censor This tomorrow… I agree with a cute ban for a while.

Thank you censor! :slight_smile:

Really happy with these winners.