Introducing Your Contenders for Derby #200: The Silver Screen

Congrats to the contenders!

Man, this one is going to be hard to guess…

I’m thinking that Swashbuckler Island is a shoe in to print which leaves the other two spots…

Toss up as to what the other two prints will be, but I think that these are the likely top contention for those other spots


Tough call…Other guesses out there in wooterdom?

I’m going with ‘let’s all go to the laboratory’ and ‘intermission’ (after swashbuckler island, of course). I’m not going to rule ‘propzilla’ or ‘forbidden’ out, though, especially since I really like forbidden.

Very good looking group of Honorable Mentions. Congrats to the great artists listed above. Including you Kasey Fleming (since your name isn’t listed above). Great work!

Looking forward to buying some more shirts this weekend. Go fig, my votes this time did NOT go to food related designs.


lol thanks! i like them ALL! Intermission is awesome! reminds me of some don hertzfeldt cartoon!

GREAT job to the artists this derby!! I was not expecting to want any when the theme was announced, but this is the best derby I’ve seen in a while! I think my bank account will become lighter this weekend.

Terrific group of contenders! I think alot of Wooters and Kasey/Robbie fans will be waiting for Forbidden. :smiley:

I really hope Intermission, Forbidden Future, and Monster Movie win as I will buy all 3. Though, I could see Swashbuckler Island winning because of Patrick’s stellar artwork.

I really wanted a 3D tshirt, but it looks like too little too late in that regard :frowning: Still, some excellent tshirts, even if most are a bit cartoony for my personal taste

I’m going with:

Forbidden Future
Monster movie
Let’s all go to the laboratory

But I think some of the others have a good chance to print as well.

Who Will Take Second?

Patrickspens has swashed into first,

Now, with only about twenty minutes until the unveiling of second place, who will take 1st runner up?

Will it be from the future, or will we not find out until after the credits?

Only 20 minutes to go!