Introducing Your Contenders for Derby #201: Double-Take Derby 13

Going by number of comments and time in the fog, it looks like it will be the Outlet, Raisins, and the Eagle, probably in that order.

Hoping for Raisins and Stink Less :slight_smile:

The fact that Bundito didn’t make it is a sham

FOXES! Okay possibly a long shot. =P

All I have to say is… Boots is a machine… 3?! That’s awesome!

As long as the foxes don’t get in I’m good.

If the ‘inspired by’ submissions win, will the original artist get anything?

If BootsBoots does not print this weekend, I quit Shirt.Woot forever. She has to win.

3 Boots – wow! Hoping for Outlets, it’ll be interesting to see what takes the win place show slots.

Nothing I want again this week.

Crossing my fingers for Gallows Humor. I’ve wanted that shirt ever since its first derby, and I have a friend who would love it too.

Love sky in a jar, but I don’t think it will print :frowning: at least I have hope!

Hoping one of Boots’ prints, as well as Cosmic Eagle.

I’m sad that none of Drakxx/CD’s got in the fog, but I’m hoping they get an EC this week. Preferably Nightmare Circus, Woot. You hear me? Thanks.

Must have 2 Raisins.

Me too I so wanted one of their shirts to print!

Ditto on all accounts. Kind of bummed it didn’t print. :frowning: