Introducing Your Contenders for Derby #204: I ❤ Books!

I’d LIKE to see

Pixel Pants, ApeLad, and Walmazan to win.

I’m sure we’ll get Ramy and Legos.

At least I won’t have to worry about spending any money.

I’m thinking

Reading Rocket Ship by qetza

Shelf Life by PixelPants

And either
Epic Battle by jlegos/ramyb
Funny Things are Everywhere by ramyb

Those last two could go either way but pretty sure about the first two. Not sure which order but I’d bet Reading Rocket gets first.

Meh. I thought the Classics, making use of puns on alcohol, was the best. In terms of cleverness and effort, anyway. Won’t be buying any of this lot.

I personally think that pixelpant, jlegos and ramyb will win

I really wanted the Illiterate Rainbow shirt…

I had votes in for 10th through 16th. :frowning: Probably 9th place too.

I’m still hoping that Shelf Life and Reading Rocket Ship are in the final 3. Only then will Woot see my money this weekend.

Kinda pisses me off that both Literary Fail and Real Treasure are on silver. If either/both print, I’ll have yet more gray shirts. Well, at least it’s not asphalt. :expressionless:

I yearn to spend my monies on qetza’s and Bootsx2’s designs. Yearn, I say, MOST PASSIONATELY.

A winner is you.

Nice call flipper.
Can you predict PixelPants to win every week?

Was this your first print? If so, many congratulations, if not, then normal congratulations. :slight_smile:

His first legit derby win, I believe, tho he’s printed once or twice prior.

Yknow the real shame, tho, is that if woot had paid attention to that “no copyrighted characters” part of their rules, we’d also have a first time printed ever at woot in qetza (I don’t think dude’s ever gotten a print here, at least), and a long-time-no-print in theinfinityloop. It’s amazing what a simple consideration for your own standards can do.

I’ll accept the many congratulations thanks j5. First print on votes, so it was funny to see my design bookmarked(Pun intended)by the similarly styled first and third place getters.
My first print was this, chosen as an EC in a double-take derby. It placed 29th while the other design I had in contention placed 9th and was passed over.

Well deserved.

I have to agree with you that the outcome was a real shame, but disagree that copyrighted characters were used without sufficient parody. Either way, there was such great potential for the book derby and such disappointment in 66.67% of the outcome.

Yes, I’m wearing that today :slight_smile: (and it’s much envied by my brother).