Introducing Your Contenders for Derby #210: Chemistry

Rooting for lucky1988’s in particular!

Surely gotta be in the top 3…

Yeeeesss, me too! I also like Err, Uhm, No, haaah!

Sorry not to see Lab Safety or Spectral Oxygen, but some of these are brilliant. Really hoping for the Questionable Table, too!

I voted for 8/9 shirts in the fog. I also received the first paycheck for my summer job this week. -$30 for me! :slight_smile:

As a chemist, I LOVE these shirts. However, I would rank the TCGA and DNA gel shirts lowest as they cover a form of applied chemistry: biology.

I’d really like to see Chemistry LOL, The End Is The Beginning, and Elemental Reaction most of all. I’m also certain I’ll likely buy multiple winners out of this derby. Go chemistry go!

I’m also a chemist, and I had high hopes for this derby, but I wouldn’t consider any of these really wearable for me but I would buy “the end is the beginning”. None as good as “The Chemist” from about 2 years ago ( )
And I had been hoping for a chemistry/science derby for a while : (

You made my day. Our shirt made it to the contenders page…even if only a mention. :slight_smile:

Damn, I did not realize it ended today…

Great job to you and lg.

So many great shirts this time!